Fall 🍁Into Wellness Package

Fall 🍁Into Wellness Package

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FALL 🍁 into Wellness with our amazing collaboration of local health/fitness businesses! Let the healing power of raw juice, CYL infrared sauna technology, GP Body Burn fitness, and Pointe’s Chiropractic care CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Commit to one month, and reap the benefits!

**We are SO EXCITED to be partnering with the following local businesses for this special package. You will receive the following:

(4) Beat Boxes from R&B Juice! These are carefully curated wellness boxes including (5) 16oz bottles and (2) 2oz wellness shots. Each week will have a specific focus: gut health, immune boost, mood boost, gentle detox. Pickup/delivery dates: Sept 25,October 2, October 9 October 16.

One month of unlimited sweats at CYL Sauna Studio Grosse Pointe  (Read more about the amazing benefits of the infrared sauna experience below!***) *no discount for unlimited membership holders.

2 classes per week at Grosse Pointe Body Burn (read all about this exciting workout class HERE! *new clients only

An initial visit (consultation, history and full examination) at Pointe’s Chiropractic, and a pair of Archie’s Flip Flops.

(This package is a $900 value!!) 


Relax: calm your mind naturally. The heat in our infrared sauna pods is gentle and soothing causing the mind and body to decompress, relax and feel rejuvenated. Take 30 minutes for yourself, blocking out stress from your life at CYL. 

Sleep: We hear it all the time from clients, they experience much better sleep after an infrared sauna session. If you suffer from insomnia, give CYL a try. Infrared sauna heat will help balance your stress hormones, and relax your body and mind to promote great sleep. 

Detox: release harmful toxins that have built up in your body, such as heavy metals that are ever present in our environment, as well as the nasty pesticides and hormones that are routinely found in our foods. Infrared light (heat) will penetrate deep into your muscles and you will sweat at a cellular level. 

Burn: lose weight while relaxing. During your session, as you are heated from the core, your heart will start pumping at a greater rate to boost circulation. This is similar to what happens when you engage in physical exercise. Your body will burn calories at a higher rate as your body tries to cool itself off by sweating. This benefit continues well after your session ends and your body continues to recover. Studies suggest that you can burn up to 300 calories in a 30 minute session. 

Boost: give your immunity a better chance at fighting germs, viruses and infection with infrared sauna. The infrared heat induces a response in the body that is similar to an artificial fever, which is your body's natural way of increasing an immune response. An enhancement of your immune system through sweating is the natural way to get and remain healthy! 

Ease: the deep penetration of heat during each session helps blood vessels dilate bringing oxygen rich blood to sore and injured muscles to shorten the healing process. The infrared heat also warms the muscles relieving muscle tension and increasing flexibility and range of motion. Clients who have chronic pain from an accident or arthritis often experience great relief from their sessions. 

Clear: sweating naturally eliminates impurities and dead skin cells that are under and on the skin's surface. Increased blood flow will bring nutrients to the skin's surface, resulting in better skin elasticity and overall complexion. Regular infrared sauna sessions also help with a reduction in visual cellulite.