Family Immune Booster Double Pack

Family Immune Booster Double Pack

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Take control of your health with nature's best immune-support: fresh, living nutrition! This pack is full of vitamin c, bromelain, antioxidants, turmeric, ginger, fresh greens, lemon, blue spirulina, enzymes etc.! All so alkalizing & detoxifying, and a great support for cold/flu season!  

Includes "kid-friendly" blends to help support the little one's natural immune response too

Includes: (2) 6 Packs:

Greens & Hearty (for the adults): 2 rhythm, 1 motown, 1 melody, 1 cpop, 1 underground Fruity & Fun: (for the kiddos): 2 groove, 1 rave, 1 dub, 1 techno, 1 jazz